A collection of early flowering T. subterraneum ssp. brachycalycinium overseas


Trifolium subterraneum ssp. brachycalycinium has become a popular subspecies of subclover due to its 20% higher dry matter yields in comparison to ssp yannicum and subterraneum . The subspecies has lower levels of hard seededness compared to the other subspecies. This can be a disadvantage under grazing situations when there is a false break in spring. The subspecies also does not bury its seed as much as the other two subspecies which can lead to lower seed production. There is one way of solving both these problems. The current varieties of this subspecies are mid to late flowering (>116 days). Previous research in the past has shown that early flowering (<100 days) genotypes in this subspecies produce more seed. This is due to less seed aborting as conditions become drier. An increase in light can also decrease seed production so by flowering earlier less light will affect flowers causing them to abort. High humidity at flowering will also increase seed production and early flowering would create this environment before conditions become too dry. Hard seededness also increases with earlier flowering due to the seed being able to fully mature before the season begins to dry out. This project will collect Trifolium subterraneum ssp. brachycalcinium from early to mid flowering plants in Israel and Spain. There has been very limited collection of this species in Israel and due to the dry climate that is experienced there and the neutral to alkaline soils genotypes with early flowering are likely to be found. If no seed is found in Israel due to a dry season Spain was included in the collection as there you will be guarenteed of finding the species there. The seed will be sent to the USDA germplasm resource centre where it will be multiplied and made freely available to anyone that is wishing to use it.


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A collection of early flowering T. subterraneum ssp. brachycalycinium overseas

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Monday, June 21, 2010

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Friday, July 15, 2011

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