Capital requirements of Australia’s agriculture, fisheries and forestry sector

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The National Farmers’ Federation has outlined a roadmap to grow the value of Australia’s agriculture, fisheries and forestry sector to $100 billion by 2030. From a base of just over $63 billion (2016-17), this ambitious target will require a more than 50% increase in the sector’s contribution to Australia’s gross domestic product (GDP).

The ability to attract sufficient capital to support industry consolidation, farm turn-over, and growth-oriented investment is critical for fuelling growth to drive towards this target. However, if the sector is to achieve its potential, Australia must find answers to questions about how much capital is needed and where it will come from.

This report, undertaken by Natural Capital Economics (NCEconomics), explores the current investment gap by analysing the amount of capital required for the sector to reach the $100 billion goal. It also highlights opportunities to attract investment into the sector, including alternative avenues to traditional debt and equity finance.

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