AgriFutures Buffalo Program Strategic RD&E Plan (2021-2025)

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The AgriFutures Buffalo Program invests in research, development and extension (RD&E) to foster a sustainable, safe and more profitable Australian buffalo industry.

The buffalo industry is based on both the Northern Territory (NT) free-range industry and the dairy sector. There is enthusiasm that the pace of change is quickening in both parts of the industry.
• Live export numbers have been steadily building, and in 2020, passed 10,000 head for the first time.
• There is now a commercial abattoir in the NT, which is processing considerable numbers of buffalo.
• The Australian population of riverine buffalo, originally imported in small numbers in 1994-97, has now grown to an estimated 2,000 to 3,000 head, which removes one of the major impediments to growth of the buffalo dairy sector.

AgriFutures Australia’s Program Strategic RD&E Plans are a key part of implementing AgriFutures Australia’s broader RD&E strategies and are the basis on which investments are made on behalf of our levied industries. These Strategic RD&E Plans identify productivity and sustainability RD&E
priorities and the planned outcomes for each industry. Each has an appropriate balance of productivity and sustainability RD&E priorities.

In making its RD&E investments for new, developing and established industries, AgriFutures Australia takes a lifecycle approach. These investment decisions acknowledge the maturity and development of each of the industries within the AgriFutures Australia portfolio. Whilst managing a very diverse portfolio of new, developing and established small industry opportunities for Australia, the lifecycle approach assists AgriFutures Australia to make appropriate RD&E investments.

AgriFutures Australia will continue to work with the buffalo industry to ensure the five-year research priorities meet industry needs and are informed by Government priorities. The adoption of RD&E outcomes is fundamental to success, and just as we have with the AgriFutures Buffalo
Strategic RD&E Plan, AgriFutures Australia will work with industry and Government stakeholders to ensure the corporation invests in knowledge that is useful and adopted by end users.

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