AgriFutures™ Honey Bee and Pollination Program Advisory Panel


AgriFutures Australia is seeking applications from suitably qualified individuals for an advisory panel member to join the AgriFutures™ Honey Bee & Pollination Program Advisory Panel.

The Advisory Panel consists of people with a range of skills and experience in the research, farming and processing sectors of the honey bee and pollination industry, together with a representative from AgriFutures Australia.  The Advisory Panel, in partnership with AgriFutures Australia, provides recommendations on the allocation of research, development and extension funding for the AgriFutures™ Honey Bee and Pollination Program. Advisory Panel members will be expected to prioritise and attend four panel meetings each calendar year. These are held in varying locations at the discretion of the program manager and the advisory panel.

Advisory Panel members:

  • Are expected to attend meetings fully prepared, having read all discussion papers and completed all pre meeting activities such as assessment of preliminary and full research proposals. Adequate preparation will enable a proper level of participation in the meeting discussion, ensuring appropriate investment decisions are made on behalf of the industry. The expectation for preparation and attendance could be up to 20 days per year including some travel.
  • Will be appointed by the Managing Director of AgriFutures Australia following a competitive skills based assessment. The term of appointment of Advisory Panel members will initially be for three years.
  • Will be recompensed for their services to AgriFutures Australia at rates determined by the Commonwealth’s Remuneration Tribunal. Please note that Advisory Panels do not hold financial delegations. Panel members are entitled to sitting fees for meetings and travel expenses.
  • Are required to declare any Conflicts of Interests and sign a Confidentiality Agreement with AgriFutures Australia.

Advisory Panel Member roles / responsibilities

The key functions of the AgriFutures Australia Honey Bee & Pollination Advisory Panel is to:

  • Advise AgriFutures Australia on the current state of the industry, and its RD&E requirements
  • Provide recommendations on short-listed research applications consistent with the research priorities identified in the AgriFutures™ Honey Bee & Pollination Five Year RD&E Plan
  • Advise on and assist with the dissemination, adoption and commercialisation of R&D
  • Encourage industry voluntary contributions and co-investment by other stakeholders to support industry RD&E.

How to apply

Applicants are required to complete the application form, skills matrix and attach their CV (no longer than three pages) via the online application system.

As part of the application process applicants will be required to outline relevant experience in the Australian agricultural sector and expected contribution to the Advisory Panel. Applicants are also required to provide details of two referees.

Submissions have now closed.


Annelies McGaw, Manager, Research | 0407 987 738