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Agtech Adoption – Online Resource Hub

AgriFutures Australia is seeking services to identify and develop content, tools and resources for an online agtech resource hub to support farmers, fishers and foresters adopt agtech solutions in their businesses. The hub will integrate with the AgriFutures Australia’s website and should combine various information formats that provide practical pathways and resources for producers to support technology adoption.


The barriers and solutions to increased agtech adoption are widely known, yet adoption rates continue to lag. Some of these barriers include producers being overwhelmed with choice or options, a lack of local support or skills gaps, unclear value proposition or return on investment and a lack of integration of technology across multiple systems.

Research has shown that most producers are open and willing to engage with technology. The aim of the hub is to deliver practical information, decision-making tools, and resources to support producers to start their adoption journey. The online information hub is aimed at producers considered to be in the Early Majority stage of the technology adoption curve. That is, those producers who are willing and able to adopt technology but largely do not know where to start or have identified barriers to adoption.

Technology Adoption Curve

Technology adoption curve

This work will form part of a wider national pilot program, including producer workshops and opportunities for farmers, fishers and foresters to address adoption barriers. It is important that the hub resources are developed with the producer in mind and is practical and useful in helping drive impactful change in on-farm technology adoption rates. Therefore, applicants with a good understanding of farming, fishing or forestry, or first-hand experience of the challenges and barriers to agtech adoption from a producer’s perspective, will be highly regarded.

Relevant AgriFutures Australia research for consideration:

Project requirements

This work will develop the content for an online resource hub that assists producers to understand how agtech can be utilised within their business and the return on investment (ROI) from adoption. Engagement with producers and other key stakeholders (agronomists, industry groups etc.) to identify relevant and practical resource needs is critical to the success of the project. We recognise that tools and resources may already exist, meaning that they may be able to be linked to, or included as, part of the hub.

Project deliverables

  • Consult with producers and other key stakeholders in the identification of relevant resources and tools. Examples of content that might be required include links to existing relevant websites, ROI calculators, decision making tools, how-to guides, definitions, FAQs etc.
  • Check for existing resources that have been created and, where possible, seek permission from external parties to link to, or utilise, these resources on the hub.
  • Where gaps in identified resources exist, develop the resource with stakeholder input where relevant, to ensure relevance and practicality.
  • Work with AgriFutures Australia on the design of the hub and integration with the AgriFutures Australia website. This will involve working closely with AgriFutures’ communications manager on the technical requirements, functionality and format required for the resources, content, and tools.
  • Develop case studies of successful use cases and other relevant content for the hub. This may include the collection and development of video and photographic content.

NB: AgriFutures is undertaking a website redevelopment project in early 2021, details of which will be shared with the successful candidate for consideration as part of the hub stakeholder engagement.

Final deliverable format

This project will deliver a range of content for a functioning agtech information hub for producers (farmers, fishers and foresters). The hub aims to showcase a range of resources, content (including case studies) and tools to support agtech adoption by producers.

The hub is to be developed in close consultation with AgriFutures Australia. Please provide a detailed budget that breaks down the providers’ time as well as any required outsourced arrangements (eg. videographer).


Date Activity
7 January 2021 RFQ applications open
4 February 2021 RFQ applications close
12 February 2021 Expected execution of contract or issue of agreement
30 April 2021 Expected project completion date

AgriFutures Australia believes that the project should be completed within a three-month timeframe. If a longer timeframe is required, the Tenderer should explain why that is the case.

Terms of reference

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