Kangaroo commercial code review


This project aims to deliver a revised national code of practice for the humane shooting of kangaroos and wallabies for commercial purposes. The current Code, published in November 2008, is now due for review.

The findings and recommendations from recent scientific research conducted to examine a range of significant issues needs to be incorporated into a new Code to ensure that harvesting is conducted in the most humane manner.

A revised Code will be developed with input from the Project Reference Group and kangaroo harvesters. The final Draft Code will be made available for public comment.

Overview of the review process

Step One (COMPLETE) The Project Reference Group includes representatives from federal and state governments, the kangaroo industry, RSPCA Australia, the Australian Veterinary Association, the Pastoral Industry and AgriFutures Australia.

Researchers from the NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI), have been contracted to manage the consultancy for the review of the Code.

Step Two (COMPLETE) Consultant to review existing Code and prepare draft revised version after reviewing the relevant scientific literature and consultation with kangaroo harvesters and the Project Reference Group.
Step Three (COMPLETE) The Draft Code will be presented to the Project Reference group for input and comment, with modifications made where required.
Step Four The final Draft Code will be made publicly available for comment for a period of 28 days. Levels of understanding and approval of the Draft Code will also be measured using a survey of a representative sample of the Australian public.
Step Five Following the public consultation period, the Consultant and Project Reference Group will consider the feedback, revise the draft where required and prepare a final Code for formatting and publication.

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