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A national first for Australia’s chicken meat industry

Late last year, the first national planning and environment guidelines for Australia's chicken meat industry were published by the AgriFutures Chicken Meat Program. The guidelines will make the chicken meat industry easier to navigate for both newc...


The agile art of research extension

Increasing the adoption is a pivotal part of research and development for our levied industries. Extension activities ensure our growers can adopt new technologies and innovations to help deliver real returns, foster growth and drive innovative pract...


AgriFutures Chicken Program Advisory Panel applications closing soon

AgriFutures Australia currently has three positions open to join the AgriFutures Chicken Meat Advisory Panel. So that the Advisory Panel can maintain continuity in knowledge and skillsets, our new Panel members will start at different times throughou...


Chicken meat industry professionals, consultants, growers and researchers wanted: Applications now open for AgriFutures Chicken Program Advisory Panel

AgriFutures Australia currently has three positions open to join the AgriFutures Chicken Meat Advisory Panel. This exciting opportunity is open to growers, consultants, poultry nutritionists, industry professionals and environmental specialists, with...


Committed to breeding future industry leaders

As Australia's chicken meat consumption continues to grow, attracting and developing emerging leaders in Australia's chicken meat industry is crucial to ensuring its future success. Along with investing in research, development and extension (...


Birds of a feather: new Chair and Deputy Chair of Chicken Meat Advisory Panel

Sharing knowledge and supporting the next generation of Australia's poultry industry is what drives Katherine Balding, Manager Nutrition and Feedmills at Baiada and Susy Klein, General Manager Primary Processing at Ingham's Enterprises. The pair ...


Poultry industry leader Tamsyn Crowley to take part in coveted rural leadership program

A career in the poultry industry wasn't what Tamsyn Crowley had in mind when she embarked on a science degree. In fact, despite her exposure to the industry during her formative years—her father invented and built some of the early automation equ...


Fungal biocontrol commercial opportunity offers benefits for chicken meat industry

For such a small creature, lesser mealworms can cause a great deal of damage. The tiny, 6mm-long beetles threaten the health of poultry across Australia, spreading a variety of food pathogens such as salmonella and campylobacter and damaging valuab...


Shape-changing bacteria evade fowl cholera vaccines

The access to open air and outdoor lifestyle that is a feature of free-range chicken farming may well be putting birds at a higher risk of an untimely death. Researchers have long understood that despite their more socially acceptable existence, f...


Camera technology offers new vision for chicken welfare

AgriFutures Australia and the University of Southern Queensland are seeking technology partners to commercialise novel video analysis software to better detect growth and welfare indicators of poultry flocks and enhance on-farm decision making....


Help us shape the future of Australian agriculture

We're inviting stakeholders across all our rural industries, programs and projects to participate in our Annual Stakeholder Survey.


Future proofing water security for Australia’s chicken meat industry

The Australian chicken meat industry currently delivers more economic and nutritional value per megalitre of water than other meat products and horticultural industries. It's now focused on finding ways to get smarter about its future water securit...


Chicken is still a winner for you, your wallet and the environment

Chicken meat continues to be the most popular form of protein for consumers with more than two-thirds of Australian households serving chicken at least twice a week. That's according to new research funded by AgriFutures Australia which also showed...


Embracing leadership, equality and the significance of International Women’s Day to Australian agriculture

For the week of International Women's Day, several of our Advisory Panel members have penned in their own words, what inspirational leadership and change looks like if we are to accelerate the gender equality agenda.


Gary Sansom Scholarship aims to attract the best and brightest to the chicken meat industry

The prestigious Gary Sansom Scholarship aims to uncover future chicken meat industry leaders and champion important research working to boost the productivity and sustainability of chicken meat production.


AgriFutures Chicken Meat Program supports Nuffield Scholarship to enhance ongoing animal welfare

Kelly McTavish's research project for her 2021 Nuffield Australia Farming Scholarship will investigate emerging trends and technologies in farming systems around the world to facilitate enhanced animal welfare outcomes for the long-term prosperity ...