Over the next five years, AgriFutures Australia will focus on identifying new industries with high potential. Join our AgriFutures™ Emerging Industries Advisory Panel and help us support new and emerging industries.

AgriFutures Australia is seeking applications from suitably qualified individuals to be members of the AgriFutures™ Emerging Industries Advisory Panel.

AgriFutures Australia is a new beginning for the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation. We are an organisation that proudly focuses on the future of Australian agriculture. We live and work in the regions and represent the interests and aspirations of farmers and rural communities. Our vision is to grow the long term prosperity of Australian rural industries. This includes research and development to accelerate the establishment and expansion of emerging rural industries such as hazelnuts, seaweed, truffles and camel milk.

With global environmental and market trends impacting food consumption, Australian rural industries have an opportunity to identify new food types and connect with and drive new and expanding markets. As such, AgriFutures Australia is dedicated to identifying and supporting the development of new rural industries that can meet changing demand and make an economic contribution to Australia.

Over the next five years AgriFutures Australia will focus on identifying new industries with high potential. We will help build the skills and confidence of entrepreneurs to enable investment in developing these high potential industries. We will also make targeted investments in research, development and extension to accelerate the emergence of these industries.

Join our AgriFutures™ Emerging Industries Advisory Panel and help us support new and emerging industries.

Our Advisory Panel will be a creative, open minded team with people from:

  • Entrepreneurial, venture-capitalist, or investment banking backgrounds
  • Government with experience in senior managerial or administration roles
  • Senior scientific R&D management roles
  • Economics
  • Business development or business analysis with startup experience
  • Food processing, food marketing and/or the export sector
  • Agricultural policy development.

Entrepreneurial, venture capitalist, or investment banking talent on the Advisory Panel will be important to identify commercial opportunities that have a chance to succeed. Equally important will be government and policy talents to keep the Advisory Panel focused on industry development.  Other talents on the Advisory Panel are required to assess aspects related to the food industry, business development, and research.

Advisory Panel member roles and responsibilities

The key functions of AgriFutures Australia Industry Advisory Panels are to:

  • Advise AgriFutures Australia on the current state of emerging rural industries through appreciation of:
    – business opportunity, and business planning
    – industry impact of R&D, the business case for R&D and R&D constraints
    – markets, market access, supply and value chains
    – the challenges of start-up
    – industry building
  • Provide recommendations on short-listed research applications consistent with the research priorities identified in AgriFutures Australia planning
  • Advise on and assist with the dissemination, adoption and commercialisation of R&D
  • Encourage partnerships, industry contributions and co-investment by other stakeholders to support RD&E to establish commercially viable and sustainable rural industries.

Advisory Panel members are entitled to sitting fees and travel expenses for meetings.  Please note that Advisory Panel members do not hold financial delegations. The Advisory Panel will meet, on average, three times per year, either in person or via teleconference.

Selection criteria

The panel requires a balance of skills and experience in the following areas:

1) Demonstrated entrepreneurial skills; background in venture capital, investment banking, business development/business analysis, commercialisation or start-up experience

2) Demonstrated senior management skills with government (state or federal) with a broad perspective

3) Broad research and science background, experience with multidisciplinary research in senior R&D management

4) Experience in economic analysis

5) Experience managing along the value chain; food processing, food marketing, ag tech, food tech, agricultural production and/or export sector experience.

All panel members will have high level professional and interpersonal capabilities in governance, leadership, project management, IT, networks, relationships, and negotiation.

Selection and appointment process

Successful applicants will have superior strengths in at least one of the selection criteria along with strong professional and interpersonal capabilities. Gender, age and geographic diversity will be considered in selecting panel members. Successful applicants will be appointed by the AgriFutures Australia Managing Director.

4 October 2018 Applications open
31 October 2018  Applications close
early November 2018 Interviewing short-listed applicants (interviews will take place via video conference)
early December 2018 First Advisory Panel meeting (location TBC)

How to apply

To apply:

  • Complete the online application form
  • Provide a cover letter outlining why you want to join the panel and what you expect to contribute
  • Address the selection criteria
  • Attach your resume (no longer than three pages)
  • Provide contact details for two referees.

Submissions close 5:00 pm (AEST) Wednesday, 31 October 2018